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So how do you take a great photo of a cat? Simple, patience.

That’s the answer, oh and also being in the right place at the right time. That part comes with experience. Having photographed many animals you get to know their behaviour, how they may react and what view would work well with them.

The trick is being one step ahead. Much like a sports photographer, they can read the match, visualise the game, know when the winning shot is about to happen and will be in place ready to click it right at the perfect moment. Photographing animals is very similar. We all know you can’t tell a pet how to pose then stay like that while you take the photo. No, you have to arrange yourself to be in the correct spot with the camera ready to get that great shot.

So why not call in the expert to create a library of photos for you to use throughout your website and also on your social media channels.

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