What is Veterinary Photography ?

Vets do an incredible job, treating pets when they are ill is no easy feat, but with the combined skill of both the vets and the veterinarian nurses, many are soon on the road to recovery and back in the arms of their owners, where they belong.

Vets Photography is a website that is dedicated to showing the relationship between vets and their animal patients and also to capture the roles the nurses play within the practice, fulfilling their many tasks, along with the equally important receptionists and office staff.  All these people are needed to run a successful veterinarian practice and the aim of Vets Photography is to photograph the team and the work they do in a natural way, showing the daily life of the team.

For people who are new to a particular area, finding a good vet probably begins with a search on the internet. In the world today every service is displayed on the web, so first impressions are vitally important and great looking photography will show your practice off in the best possible way.

What to expect from a days photography

The photographic day starts before we turn up. Prior to our arrival you will receive a document suggesting some of the things you can do before the shoot to ensure everything is looking its best; this can range from making sure any garden area around the practice is looking neat, to taking down old posters inside, stocking the shelves with products and filing away any paperwork from the desks and reception area.

The checklist will also highlight the areas we would like to photograph. As every practice is different some of these points may not apply and the document is just a guide, but it will give you an idea of what is included in the photography for the day.

It may help if you stand at each location as if you were looking through the camera lens to see if anything looks out of place. Working with vets means we have learned that turning up to a practice bright and early on a Monday morning isn’t always the best time, as lots of pets are sometimes taken ill over the weekend. Also, not everyone likes having their photo taken, but our Vets Photography team pride themselves on being able to put people at ease it is essential in our role.

The document will also outline the best way to photograph your patients, the time each scenario usually takes, who owns the copyright of the photographs taken and where these images can be used. Hopefully, all your questions will be answered, but if you need more details or have any questions, we are only a phone call away.

Alex Wylie

Alex qualified as a veterinary surgeon in Australia in 1993 and started her career working in rural Oz as a mixed animal practitioner. Her passion for travel soon led her to the UK. Locuming for over two years showed her the diversity of veterinary practices in the UK. She fell in love with East Anglia and in particular one practice.
Her journey from junior vet through to partner in charge of marketing and finally selling the practice gave her a unique insight into how to make a veterinary practice successful. One aspect that she noticed often missing in veterinary marketing was great quality, personal and bespoke imagery. After working alongside Steve on the photography for her own practice website she was so impressed by his skill, professionalism and respect for the animals, staff and clients that she happily accepted a role as his veterinary advisor.